‘Forgotten NZ’ is for all the forgotten, abandoned, run down and decaying places that many people pass by without a thought.  In time nature starts to claim them back, and often they fall victim to vandalism and graffiti in their own beautiful way.  It’s interesting to hear memories from these lost spots and to see pictures of abandoned places from around the world, because everyone seems to know that one house round the corner, or that one factory, hospital or church that time forgot…

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  1. I absolutely love your blog! As someone who lived in NZ in the late 90’s early 2000’s it brings back wonderful memories of a country i consider my second home. Thank you. (you haven’t posted anything since July 2015, or am i missing something and can’t see it?)

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  2. Hi, just wanted to say awesome website. Would love to explore some of these places myself. Some of them I’d even be keen to spend a night or two in! One day maybe! Also thanks for following my website too, much appreciated.

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  3. Love the sentiments and may be my own blog was showing echo of this. Either way many thanks for the follow on my own blog and I hope that you enjoyed my own two “abandoned” series. Have a great day, MM 🍀

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  4. Your photos pay tribute to these wonderful buildings, showing them to us “in their own beautiful way” (to use your own very apt desription of their special sort of beauty). Thanks for following my blog, it’s a big compliment.

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  5. Love the way that you are trying to capture in real time – a time that is quickly becoming forgotten.

    We share the same passion and I shall be coming back to see more of your work.

    Best’est :-)

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  6. I don’t know if you do the award thing, and I’m probably not the first one to do this, but I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    In any case, whenever I see abandoned and neglected properties I always wonder what the story is, or wish I could get a better look, so I’m really enjoying seeing your perspective on Auckland.

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  7. Thanks for the follow. :) Great topic idea by the way! There’s something so fascinating with how we connect, alter or abandon facets of our spaces and places, particularly in terms of material history. A friend runs a like-minded site called ‘ignore edmonton’, in which they submit pictures of vintage signage that is likely to be replaced by a brand new businesses, or strip malls or just disappear altogether. I think with globalization we’re getting this commodification of chain stores or housing plans that essentially strip cities and towns of their individuality. Definitely a changing world, so good on you for your efforts on a capturing a moment in time in our visual landscape!

    There’s a great documentary online at the NFB website called ‘Pine Point’, in which a small mining town gets shut down when the mine goes under, and instead of abandoning it and leaving is a ghost town, they decided to raze it over so there wouldn’t be any memory left of it. They interviewed the kids who grew up there, who said that on one hand, it’s sad that they’ll ever be able to go ‘home’ again, but on the other hand, they’ll never have to see their old home turned into a fast food restaurant, or see it rot away. Such an interesting topic!

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    1. That is an interesting point of view from those kids! It is sad seeing them rot away but it’s all part of history too! The signage is interesting and must get overlooked often, I know they have a signage boneyard in Vegas from all the old hotels, many of them demolished now to make way for the new buildings, so the signs are the only things that really survived to preserve their memories. Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations!


          1. Yes; something good to come out of the intensive development. The weekend farmers’ market is apparently very good as well. I keep meaning to go (it’s just across the Greenhithe Bridge from me), but like most close-by things, I haven’t quite got round to it yet. :-)

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