Abandoned House Exhibition

Exciting news! Shots from Forgotten NZ will be showcased at the upcoming ‘Art of Falling Apart‘ exhibition in Auckland next month, featuring images of abandoned and derelict houses from around New Zealand. The exhibition is part of the Fringe Programme in the Auckland Festival of Photography and runs from 2-24 June 2016 at Alberton, 100 Mt Albert Rd. Entry to the exhibition is free, so if you’re in the area, come and check it out!abandoned house Kaingaroa


In Alberton’s grand Victorian ballroom haunting images of long abandoned, dilapidated homes both pose ironic contrasts and find resonant echoes in a house that was itself saved from dereliction and like everything, continues to be subject to the ravages of time. This exhibition curated for the Auckland Festival of Photography features the work of three independent photographers working within an international practice of ‘Urban Exploration’. Their photographic work seeks both to document the unique forgotten places they visit and to present the beauty of contemporary ruins in an aesthetic ‘Art of Falling Apart’. 


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