Abandoned Panmure Hotel

This old girl has seen better days, Loombs Hotel (named after owner James Loomb) aka Panmure Inn / Panmure Hotel / Masons’ Lodge was built in 1862 and is still a valued piece of Panmure’s local history.  Look past the decay and imagine the hotel’s weatherboards painted blue, with panelled sash windows and an impressive covered verandah from the second storey, and you get an idea why it once was a popular watering hole for locals and sailors. In the late 1800s the hotel moved 100m from the original location to this current spot, where it waits patiently for the council to decide whether any restoration work will begin.

Panmure Hotel in 1880s via Bush to Borough

Panmure Hotel in 1880s via Bush to Borough

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17 thoughts on “Abandoned Panmure Hotel

  1. I grew up in Panmure, every day after school we use to walk up kings road to the shops. We’d get to the gate of the old hotel and yell out to the lady that lived in there, back then there was stories she was a witch lol. She was just an old lady sick of all the kids knocking on her door lol. Wish they’d keep it as an historic icon of Panmure rather then turn it into a child care. They’ve removed all the historic buildings in Panmure.

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  2. I have always wondered about this house and the story behind it. When I was 5 my brothers and I use to walk to the dairy and we would run passed this house, it was a little spooky. 35 years later it’s still there. I hope the council does something with it before it’s to late.

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  3. Thanks for your work and for sharing! I notice “ancient” building, too. We have a lot of them around eastern Ohio, so I’m constantly gawking around me as we drive anywhere! Keep it up!

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