The Art of Falling Apart

A rustic Northland farm house holding secrets of better days… one of the walls has almost disappeared, the weather boards are jutting out and the porch looks as though it might collapse on anyone who tries to get through the front door! 216 202

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15 thoughts on “The Art of Falling Apart

  1. As summer is approaching, take a drive through Coromandel and on to Cook’s Beach….that road is full of tragic abandonment…thank you for a lovely trip down memory lane (not so much for abandoned NZ but for the NZ i remember in the late 80s and through the 90’s…

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  2. Oh wow! Haven’t been around for a while, had almost forgotten what amazing pictures you take/houses you find. This is devastatingly beautiful!

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        1. I know this house well, the owner of this house was my uncle and his family still reside on the farm not in his house but next door. Far north at its greatest got to love the far north

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            1. Hi I found one in the Waikato I work on rural roads for downers and see a few that will knock your socks off don’t know how to upload it to you it must be seen before it’s gone forever


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