Abandoned 1900s Building

It’s green.  But don’t get any ideas, the scribbled note on the door says cannabis prohibited…

1900 double storey abandoned building with shop front located in Mt Eden / Grafton, used to be a repair shop / commercial space of some kind? Currently used to plaster gig posters and advertisements.  Seems like a waste of a property recently valued at $1.1 million…

abandoned repair shop mt eden via Forgotten NZ abandoned building grafton Forgotten NZabandoned shop windows Auckland Forgotten NZ Cannabis use prohibited at Forgotten NZ closed down shop mt eden Forgotten NZ Need more?  Check out the Forgotten NZ home page or subscribe for weekly updates!  Follow Forgotten NZ on Pinterest or Tumblr.  See inside a trashed car yard in Grey Lynn here.


23 thoughts on “Abandoned 1900s Building

  1. The fellow who lives there acts like a kind of guard and has stopped plenty of people trying to burn it down over the last few years…it would surely have been destroyed by now if he didn’t stay! I worked on building consent for renovating and upgrading it over the last couple of years which has been issued. We are hoping that the owner is keen to start soon – it would be lovely to see it fixed up although as you can imagine it is an extremely expensive task! A lot of materials and features have been stolen/removed/looted over the years – and both the extension and main building itself are protected as part of the Upper Symonds Street heritage area. Watch this space!!!

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  2. New update: Early Friday 27 Nov evening I saw a silver car parked in a bay by the house and to my surprise I saw the door was open for the first time! When I next saw the house there was a great big CCTV camera installed aiming at the front door! I guess whoever was in there is out! and the owner wants to keep it that way.


  3. I actually live near this bulling and walk past it now and again, seems such a waste considering MT eden is already staggeringly expensive, and will get more so when the CRL gets the green light(and funding) I spoke to the guy who runs the petrol station across the road and asked if he ever saw anyone there. The story is it is owned by a man who wears a skirt.(could be a kilt who knows!) and he has refused to sell the house time and time again, very rarely you will see a car there I am told. The sweage thing makes sense, cause he could be waiting for a very long insurance dispute. my guess is he will get a shed of cash as the church next to it, the flat complex across the road and various buildings have been bought to make way for the CRL. would be a shame to see it go if it went. But I still think it could be a gem, has amazing potential! Man if I had 1.1m right now


  4. Hahahaha i lived there once about ten years ago. Was in a sorry state then but liveable. From what I understood the huge back yard was condemned due to a sewage break.


  5. I live and work near this building so I see it a couple of times a day on my walk to/from work.

    I’m 90% sure the REPAIRS sign is new, as it was put up fairly recently, during the time it been abandoned. It’s not a relic of what the building used to be. I think someone lives in there as a squatter. There’s a barefoot person wrapped in a blanket that hangs around here in the mornings. They might also be the person responsible for boarding the place up and tidying the parking space in front. It used to be a really messy but is now at least tidied up.


  6. Yeah I had passed it so often been wondering why no one took love and care of this lovely neglected building..restore it into maybe a cafe.. Price is outrageous!

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  7. It almost looks apologetic about the shop that was added to the front. I can’t help imagining how much more amazing it would look without that (presumably practical) addition. It has such a lovely symmetrical design to it otherwise. That bottom storey window in particular is gorgeous!

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  8. Brick/mortar exterior with a metal roof. might last another 60 years or more. Looks like the anti-weed door had an overhang at one time by the looks of the left over flashing on the side of building which looks to be added on to the front. It looks clean.


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