Lazy Drive By

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get out of the car for this one when passing through the Far North, wasn’t that keen to bush whack through the gorse on a rainy arvo, although it intrigues me now, could it be an old school classroom…? 417More forgotten spots in New Zealand here, subscribe for the latest posts!

Update 16/3/15: The above picture is of the old Okaihau Hall as taken in September 2014. Unfortunately it burnt down in December, as a suspected arson, police are investigating. This situation reminds me of a quote I saw once, “we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”.  That’s how I feel about the photo I took above.  What’s left of the historic hall is shown below, thanks to Delton and to NZ Herald for the photo of the blackened remains.



15 thoughts on “Lazy Drive By

  1. That hall, house and land belongs to my family. The”hall” was many things in it’s time. A home, marae, school, shelter for children at risk. At one stage storage. To return home recently and see what remains is heart breaking.


    1. Sorry I don’t think pictures can be posted inside comments at the moment, that is something I will look into though, for next time. You could post a link in a comment if it is on the Herald site, or you could email the picture to forgottennz at gmail dot com and I’ll add it to the post :) Thanks!


  2. Good that you got the photo as it is all burnt down now, nothing there at all except some burnt trees! Suspected arson the paper said in it’s report, as there was no power to it.
    Apparently it was an old hall that was shifted to the site years ago, but never used.
    I got a photo of it too a few years back, glad I did!

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      1. No, don’t know the name sorry of the hall, I would love to know it’s history. This is from the Herald:
        Police are investigating a fire which razed an historic hall at the top of Okaihau Hill yesterday.

        When neighbours were woken by the blaze about 1.50am the derelict, single-storey building was already burning fiercely.

        Okaihau fire chief Andrew Graham said all the volunteers could do was make sure the fire did not spread to a neighbouring house about 10m away.

        “When we got there the roof had collapsed and it was history. It was tinder dry and would’ve gone up in minutes,” he said.

        It was 6am before the blaze was fully extinguished and the volunteers could go home. One crew from Okaihau and two from Kaikohe attended.

        There was no power connected to the building. The fire is being treated as arson. Police and a fire investigator were at the scene yesterday looking for clues.


        1. Wow thanks for sharing the report from the Herald, it must have been pretty scary for the neighbours. I remember them sitting out on their deck when I took the pics. Such a shame that it’s gone now…


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