Offers over $1000

This villa is frozen in the days of old school (black and white?) TV, encyclopaedias, and Elvis Presley, and I suspect it was haunted because my camera wouldn’t work once inside, it kept going black, and taking blurry pictures… I tried to post one (the first image below) and then encountered a heap of upload errors on this photo only, even my cat freaked out when he saw it on my screen!

So, maybe the house is haunted and that’s why the oyster farmers who used to live here in Kaeo packed up one day and never came back, leaving the house sitting vacant until eventually the owner decided to put it on the market for removal.  He was taking offers over $1000, incase you’re interested.

Here’s the shot which makes the house look as haunted as it felt… 144Don’t let that lush green grass fool you in the image below, Kaeo is built on a flood plain and that yard is like a swamp!  Lucky I had gumboots because it was up to my shins in places! 132 135 Where the hot water cylinder used to be… 136What can I say, I’m a sucker for a clawfoot tub! The bathroom was another room where my camera would not work properly, and I got no pictures of the kitchen at all, I tried with 2 different cameras and neither of them would work in that area of the house!  Of course they worked perfectly as soon as I got back outside… 137 146 151 Check out an abandoned old house nearby in Kaeo here, subscribe to Forgotten NZ to receive email updates, or follow on Pinterest or Tumblr, see everything on Forgotten NZ here.


22 thoughts on “Offers over $1000

      1. You probably have the last photos taken of this place. Nothing left other than scattered foundations and rubbish now – The remains of the framing etc were pushed into a trench and burnt the other week. Not a flattering end for the old girl.


  1. Gosh, we drive by there quite often. Always wondered what it looked like inside. Often used to see an old lady walking out along the path. That was years ago now though.

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