Abandoned ex Car Yard

Trashed abandoned buildings in Arch Hill/Grey Lynn, recently occupied as car yard businesses (Buy Right Cars, Mark Vinsen, Autolink Cars), who moved on once their lease expired, leaving behind car parts and office furniture, in time overturned and vandalised.

Also on this site is Summit House which was occupied by a clothing manufacturer called Ambler & Co, now owned by Bunnings.  Residents opposed the new hardware store development for fear of the tradies clogging up their streets, in the mean time here’s some tags courtesy of the new residents…

Abandoned car yard via Forgotten NZ Abandoned Office Arch Hill car yard via Forgotten NZ Abandoned office in Auckland via Forgotten NZ Summit House via Forgotten NZ Trashed carpark abandoned in Auckland via Forgotten NZ Grafitti car park in Auckland via Forgotten NZ Trashed office Arch Hill Auckland via Forgotten NZHave a seat via Forgotten NZ Abandoned bathroom Arch Hill via Forgotten NZAbandoned underground carpark via Forgotten NZ Abandoned car yard Auckland via Forgotten NZ Sign up for free with your email address here, or follow Forgotten NZ on Pinterest or Tumblr!

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17 thoughts on “Abandoned ex Car Yard

  1. If you want some abandoned places I can recommend some, me and a friend love hunting for them and although I like to keep my favorites private, a small abandoned place we quite recently found is a deserted Robert Harris coffee shop in the upstairs area of royal oak mall. is seemed to be abandoned in a hurry as the chalk board menu was left up along with appliances and a cash register. on further investigation we found a single security camera (turned off and pointed at the ground and also we found a office on the inside where for some reason papers and files were strewn across the desk and room. after reading into a few of these we discovered the landlord believed that shop was haunted and so it will be staying abandoned for a long time. there are now chain fences on 2 paths preventing people from coming close to it however it is easy to get round them if you can be bother (I achieved this in minutes without damaging the fences).


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