New Lynn / Kelston Abandoned Houses

2 brick houses, 1 weatherboard house, all with boarded up windows, within 2 kms from each other on the same road in the New Lynn / Kelston neighbourhood… what’s going on here? Are they set for commercial glory, were they drug labs, was there an internal fire?  Something caused the life to depart from these properties and render them inhabitable…

New Lynn abandoned flats via Forgotten NZ New Lynn abandoned house via Forgotten NZKelston abandoned house via Forgotten NZMore abandoned places in New Lynn featured on Forgotten NZ here 

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8 thoughts on “New Lynn / Kelston Abandoned Houses

  1. Can confirm the final address is still boarded up as I occasionally walk past it going to Kelston.
    Though the grass at parts is as tall as me, the recycle bin is used, there’s a fridge on its side (used as a bin), and a pile of rubbish next to it.
    There’s a house quite similar to it in Waiuku near one of the schools that’s been boarded up for ~20 years, an old weatherboard one. In the last few years someone cracked the “door” and is now a temporary “home” for the youth.


  2. they belong to housing New Zealand so maybe ask them as I dont know why they have been boarded up, housing needs have risen and they have homes that were being lived in recently like these boarded up. doesnt make sense to me

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