Abandoned Bowling Green

Once upon a time the centre division of the Newmarket bowling green was “gaily decorated with flags and potted plants”.  Fast forward to 2015 – overgrown vines and graffiti…

A pile of concrete rubble suggests the location of the main bowling clubrooms, past this a broken pathway leads to the old green keepers house, one of the few structures in the grounds that survived Auckland Council’s demolition efforts in the last few years.

IMG_0496IMG_0524 IMG_0502 IMG_0523 IMG_0521 IMG_0512Also known as Carlton Bowling, Croquet and Lawn Tennis, the club roots go back to 1886, with a move to the new spot here in Epsom during 1912.  The site was sold in the early 2000s and the club moved again, leaving this historic property dormant and awaiting development.

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15 thoughts on “Abandoned Bowling Green

  1. So annoyed with myself! I was at seperate abandoned building 100 meters away and didn’t see this until I went onto google maps then noticed it and used street view to compare to building and its definitely it!


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