Bunker Ruins

Heading north from Kaitaia you can spot the ruins of an underground operations bunker from World War 2, abandoned after the war ended in 1945, it was the northernmost defence for New Zealand. The old RNZAF airfield is now farmland behind Waipapakauri Hotel, the pub was used as the air force hospital during the war.

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If anyone is interested in the Waipapakauri Hotel (and base hospital) there’s a write up on it here from an returned flight sergeant / medical technician from the RNZAF.

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7 thoughts on “Bunker Ruins

  1. Hay mate would love to catch up some time as I get right into this sort of stuff I was the first person to open up battery point in chch and just a week ago me and a mate explored an old abandoned combustion cole plant not far from Auckland got some amazing photos you can get a hold of me on 0212851985


    1. They do not actually go underground. This was the operations room of the airfield, if you were to go around the left hand side there are some quite thick cables coming out of the ground ( at least there were when I was growing up). The ground was not suitable for underground construction because of water so ground was levelled, the ops room built then covered with earth. You used to go down the tunnel and get to a locked door, we used to call it the bomb shelter or bomb dump, of course dad would correct that idea and point out where the old army and airforce huts used to be, an occasional glance at a bridge on a farm would confirm that it was an army one built for tanks to cross ( Stuart’s and Valentines being based locally).

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