Abandoned Post Office and Dance Hall

It’s abandoned but charming, here is the old Information Centre and Post Office, alongside what’s left of King Bill’s Dance Hall (now looking like a shed) in the Far North town of Houhora – a Maori settlement from the early 14th century.

The inside of the information centre is almost bare with some empty shelving and yellowed cash register, the place it had a wild west feeling about it, probably a feeling I got from the bullet holes in the window…

forgotten.co.nz- 318forgotten.co.nz_ 248 forgotten.co.nz- 325

The dance hall building sign posted ‘hotel’ alongside the main building is a laugh, fancy dodging some cow pats on the way to your country side accommodation?  In early pictures the dance hall was much bigger and was also a cinema, the main part of the hall is long gone, and what remains is said to be haunted by King Bill Evans himself…

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