Abandoned House and Factory

A blackened farm house on the side of the State Highway has suffered extensive fire damage… Did the blaze ruin this country side home and render it inhabitable, forcing those that lived here once upon a time to leave?  Or did the flames do their damage long after those who lived here were gone?

forgotten.co.nz_ 227 forgotten.co.nz_ 228

The charred farm house sits in a water logged paddock in Awanui, a historical river side port in the Far North with a population of just over 300 people.  Awanui was serviced by the Kaitaia Cooperative Dairy Factory which established 1901, closed in the 1990s, eventually merged into Fonterra, and now looks like stained concrete, rust and smashed glass…

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9 thoughts on “Abandoned House and Factory

  1. I can remember the factory as a hive of activity, with the big milk powder facility and warehouse at the front. Sad to see something decaying when you remember so much life in it.

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