Forgotten Mansion

Old “Heppy” aka “Puffers Palace” is up for sale, her roots go back to the 1880s, she might have tired bones, but with plenty of interest among investors, hopefully someone will restore this shabby Victorian mansion into 21st century luxury…

The home includes 6 huge bedrooms with ornate fireplaces, 3 bathrooms (including one bathroom with 4 showers), industrial style kitchen, and by comparison – a tiny single car garage (cuz back then rich people would’ve had horses, not cars yo).

The mansion was built for former mayor Andrew Entrican, then became a Presbyterian manse, and finally a Maori boarding school / hostel for girls who were found wandering the streets in the 1940s.  Owned by Te Tumu Kainga,  it is open to tenders well over the 2.3 million 2011 CV, with council approval to divide the huge rooms into 5 apartments while maintaining the heritage of the protected building.

Intricate stained glass windows, high ceilings and a grand staircase make this mansion an incredible piece of art, and worthy of some serious renovation.

Rickety fire escape stairs and ladders wrap around the balcony and upper windows, but an old picture makes the original fire evacuation route look kind of like a slide (which would be way more fun and efficient… but super steep).

Auckland Libraries 435-B4-207

Auckland Libraries 435-B4-207

There isn’t a lot to see inside, it seems all the antique furniture has been removed, leaving only a piano in the foyer, and the odd discarded appliance…

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20 thoughts on “Forgotten Mansion

  1. I love old homes like this. They have so much character. Makes you wonder……if it could talk, what stories would it tell of the people who lived there?

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