Crosshouse Ruins

The Crosshouse at Miringa te Kakara is an ancient Maori Whare Wananga (House of Learning) and training centre for Tohunga.  Sadly this mythical building fell into ruin and was burnt down…

It lives on in memory, via regular guided pilgrimage tours and through these photographs by Janine and Ron Raison. A Marae has now been constructed in the place of the original Crosshouse which is located in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

One source claims the building was first constructed in 1682 (and renovated in 1887), however, ‘New Zealand History‘ states it was built in 1887 by Te Ra Karepe and Rangawhenua. From a birds eye view the building is in the shape of a cross with 4 entrances, and is inline with ancient solar, lunar and navigational standards across the hemisphere. J and R Raison on Forgotten NZNote how the grass is dark green and lush around the surrounding paddocks, and a lighter colour around the sacred Miringa te Kakara ruins as seen below.

credit J and R Raison via Forgotten NZImage below shows the view inside the Crosshouse, and four points of the compass, carved into Janine and Ron Raison via Forgotten NZ Janine Ron Raison via Forgotten NZClose by to the Crosshouse are the Kings House and Round House, seen below.

Janine and Ron Raison via Forgotten NZAn amazing feature of this sacred site are incredible wooden pegs, one for each star in the Heavens, perfectly mapped out over a 50 mile radius.  The below images show three of the astrological pegs and ‘the Great Triangle in Heaven on Earth’ a map showing the location of the pegs and stars.

Raison via Forgotten NZJ and R Raison for Forgotten NZIt has been a pleasure to have a glimpse into an extraordinary place of Maori history, special thanks to Janine and Ron Raison for permission to use these photographs, and Orlando Stewart for the recommendation.

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26 thoughts on “Crosshouse Ruins

  1. Ka pai ou whakaaro kia tu ai Tauiwi mai taawaahi, hiahia huakina matauranga tino taawhito mai ra ano, i tuku iho mai ki te iti noa taangata anake! ki te mahia i te mahi taumaha. Ka tika hoki e koe ki te whakamarama i te ahuatanga o te mea Tapu o ia Hapu, o ia Iwi o Aotearoa nei. Koira tonu ki a maatou ,te Iwi Maori, i te hohonutanga kia puta ke ki a taatou te Iwi Maori, i te Wairuatanga, puta mai ki te Ao hurihuri tonu nei. Ae ra hoki, kua tae tonu mai, ia Waa, ko te Whakatipuranga hou, hei oranga tonu ai i a taatou Ao Maori. Heoi ano ra e te Putiputi o Tainui… Ka nui te mihi ki a koe, mo tou tumai ki a raatou e kore e mohio ana, i a maatou Tikanga me nga Kawa nui i homai e raatou ngaa tuupuna. Naaku noa atu, Mike Tawhai.


  2. my family has a trust there now it would be much appreciated if yous didnt wander off the road into the whare wananga, or ask the people at the house to take you on, they are not the kaitiaki (guardian) of the whare. if yous have any enquires holla at me on facebook Tuhimata Duke Brown


  3. Hi just wondering about the first question Sara Mccarthy wrote asking how to get permission to visit the site? Is there a contact number you can provide to get the proper Maori welcoming? Do they allow any visitors on the site at all? I imagine that it would be a very sacret site to the local people and may not want people walking around their holy sites?


  4. Hi, have been researching this ancient sacred sight, its fascinating. How would I go about asking permission to visit here please?


    1. I visited this place on my last visit to NZ. When you get to the Marae you’re not quite there. Look up the road (on the same side) to a house where people live. Go there, ask them if you could see the cross house and they may take you to it.


        1. Don’t send people there please thell be going on to lands without proper welcoming therefore breaching tikanga of the hapu.


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