Abandoned Petrol Station

An abandoned petrol station (?) in Kawakawa, New Zealand, if anyone remembers what kind of petrol station it may have been or has any old pictures I would love to see them! Note the OPEN sign and the shopping trolley lying on the side, no sale today…

UPDATE: This is the old Shell petrol station, thanks to Nyla for the comment!

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8 thoughts on “Abandoned Petrol Station

  1. that use to be the old shell station back in the 80s when i was just 8 or 9..use to stop there all time for a wick fill up and a pie or watever dad would allow us to have on our trip from waikare to auckland.. those were the good ole days when gas was at its cheapest..not now..

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  2. I remember when it was functioning as a petrol station, probably about 20 years ago. Then it was a squalid little second hand shop, now serving out its remaining years until someone knocks it down I suppose….

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      1. My father owned these buildings and land back in the late 40s,they serviced his quarry business. Large she’d at top was the engineering shop. The service station was run as away of fueling all our vehicles.store room was on the left with office on the right side we used Caltex fuel right up until the late 70s when the outfit was sold ,and the name WCSHARP & sons LTD was no more.

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