Abandoned Casa

Merida in Mexico is a stunning city to visit, featuring beautiful colonial buildings, horses trotting on the calle (street), vibrant markets and street parties with friendly locals of all ages dancing and singing in the middle of the night, but still I was drawn to this forgotten casa (house)…

From what I understand, two women were murdered here in 1999 and the 4 killers that were seen on that night were never found.  It was suggested that the women were slaughtered over a debt that was not repaid.  There have been many reports of ghostly figures seen here in the years that followed, even police have seen the silhouettes running up and down the stairs in the abandoned house and have stopped to investigate, finding no one.

Usually houses have a street on just one side, or on two sides if the house is on a corner of two streets. This house is unusual in that it is surrounded by streets on 3 sides, it is almost the equivalent of living in the middle of a roundabout.  The lack of privacy combined with the haunting stories about this house has left it empty for years.   Just standing outside this place was super creepy and unwelcoming.  It stuck in my mind as one of the most intriguing places I saw in Merida.  Forgotten.co.nzForgotten.co.nz 1


5 thoughts on “Abandoned Casa

  1. Yucatan Mexico?!?!? You were practically up the street from me! Albeit an incredibly long street lol. Bit compared to the NZ you were practically here! That house by the way l just oozes creeper. Maybe the killers lived there and that place just drove them insane! (far fetched I know) Brilliant as always!!

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