Corbans Shed

It looks like a small jail cell sitting on the side of the road but was actually used as a storage shed for Corban’s winery deliveries in Henderson, Auckland, which would explain the metal prison-like bars in the window for security.  At one point this little jail/shed was open to the public, I remember as kids we thought it was the best thing ever to be locked in there, peering out of the jail bars while mum took a photo.  We also thought it was a great idea when the police came to visit our primary school to talk about stranger danger and offer free fingerprinting, we skipped off home with blue hands and detectives went back to the station with a bunch of 6 year old’s fingerprints in case any seemingly innocent classmates grew into the future’s hardened criminals… well played officers… well played…Brief History of Corban 042


10 thoughts on “Corbans Shed

      1. I did some research and found that in the days when temperance was gaining strength, wine was used as a tonic to invigorate the old, sick and invalids of the world. So that it was OK to have a bottle (or winery) as long as it was used as “medicine”.

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        1. Thanks Rob that’s really interesting!! I read that this winery was offered the first telephone in the area (number ‘1’), but they declined and suggested it went to the local doctor instead, choosing the phone number ‘2’. So you would dial ‘1’ for the doctor, and ‘2’ for alcohol! Hahaha


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