Tui Glen Abandoned Flats

Tui Glen was not always the brightly coloured playground attraction that it is today.  It was a caravan park that attracted transient lost souls who had tried every other avenue, it had a standing reputation for drugs, crime and murder… The death of caravan resident Justin Dyne, murdered in September 2000 by another caravan dweller Tristan Lawson shut down the caravan park in 2001. Vandals set fire to some of the heritage buildings in 2002 and now they have been painted random bright colours to match the playful surroundings of the newly designed park… if you look through the cracks you can still see the burned interiors that are filled with rubbish and the sleeping bags of homeless people sleeping underneath the floor boards.

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13 thoughts on “Tui Glen Abandoned Flats

  1. Our family (ex Te Kuiti) went to Tui Glen for family holidays 1-2 times back in the mid-sixties and it was a wonderful fun-filled place at the time and so exciting to stay in the cabins. I was simply looking it up now to see what had become of it, and sorry to read the sad history in later years. Wish Tui Glen could be revived.


  2. Hi Dierdre, I went to school with Chris and he had many ‘interesting’ stories about running the park, including reporting that a certain flamboyant science teacher had weekly visits to a certain grouchy music teacher.


  3. I lived there for 25 yrs. My Dad was the manager for that time and built the reception lounge. My brothers and I still get saddened to back there and see the state of the cabins. It would have been great if the council had maintained them and utilised them as a historical village and even turned Manuka Shade into a,cafe. We met some awesome people in our years.there and still rem s in friends with some. People from all walks.of life spent time there for whatever reasons and Dad treated them all with the same dignity. It is a place I still hold very dear to my heart

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  4. Beautiful place with great memories. . Great friends that I’m still friends with today. Went back to tui glen this year in January and brought back some very happy memories of my time living there! Will never forget tui glen motor camp. 💖👍

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      1. I once lived here for several months with my siblings and parents when we sold our house and were waitn to move into our new home in massey it was the best part of my teen years i meet some amazing people and 28yrs on i am blessed to still be friends with 2 of the residents at the time. I cant believe its no longer there it was such an amazing place. The girls and i were just talking tonight about it. And plan to visit there soon. I left NZ in 99 and havent been back in 11 yrs but do hope to be back soon to catch up.


        1. Thanks for sharing your happy memories! It’s definitely worth a visit and is still a nice place to visit especially with kids as the playground is fantastic, hope you make it back to Auckland soon!


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