Abandoned Mansion II

Abandoned but impressive, this is the second of the forgotten mansions sitting side by side, dormant in Parnell, Auckland.  This too is waiting investigation for Auckland Council to see if refurbishment will be viable, closed off to the world for now…forgottenNZ 060forgottenNZ 037forgottenNZ 032

forgottenNZ 076Check out the neighbouring abandoned mansion here (previously posted).


8 thoughts on “Abandoned Mansion II

  1. The Auckland council too busy enjoying their inflated pockets and thinking of the future rather than restore the past.. What a waste of those beautiful mansions, the council ought to use it up live in it instead of moving out of the town hall to a expensive skyscraper.

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    1. I don’t have high hopes… I have seen them put up refurbishment signs on buildings in the past and then within a year the same place they were trying to save is demolished by them! Its such a waste. But if it is refurbished maybe it could be used as a church house or community building.


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