Abandoned Mansion

Parnell was the first suburb in Auckland (est 1841), and the houses in the area certainly don’t disappoint. And while most of them are neatly taken care of, this wooden Edwardian mansion lies abandoned, it would have once been a stellar Auckland home.  An advertisement from the property in the NZ Herald from 1907 reads “Wanted: Housekeeper for family of 4, help kept, wages 10 shillings” (!) More recently the building was converted to offices, until the lease was terminated some time ago by the general trust board for investigation of refurbishment, and so it has been boarded up to await the fate of Auckland Council.  There is also an abandoned Honda resting on the site.  The moss on the bonnet suggests it’s been there for 2 years, the Burger King bags inside suggest the driver had some kind of food coma and never came back.

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30 thoughts on “Abandoned Mansion

  1. I knew a woman who flatted there in the 1990s. She and her friends liked ‘big flats’ and moved to this house when their previous one in Remuera got sold and bowled.

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  2. I’ve been to these beautiful houses just looked from the st. But does anybody know the history on these magnificent houses. Why they are abandoned in the first place? Etc so many unanswered questions. Who can I talk to about buying them, how much they would sell for. I’m Inlove with these beauty’s.

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    1. As far as I know, the mansion was used as offices for commercial business, which then closed due to the buildings needing maintenance (I saw some old signage near the front door). And as the properties are owned by the council, they sit waiting for someone to care enough to do something to restore them on the unitary plan! Which could be never…? There always seems to be some other priority. I am not sure what role the church has in this also… it would be so great to see this place sold to someone who appreciates the beauty!


      1. what department at the council might be the first contact to discuss possibilities of buying them, or partnerships in their restoration, on historical basis alone, before they are lost forever to rot and decay


  3. Is it for sale after all the shilly shally by council. All this wasting of time only adds to the deterioration of a beautiful home. let somebody else take up the responsibility for it.

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    1. Good spotting, it’s not very functional, couldn’t really sit out there and have a cup of tea… must be for fire escape I think you’re right. Couldn’t see anything when I was there it’s all boarded up and super secure.


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