Awkward Discovery..

From a distance I spotted this building which looked run down and possibly abandoned…  Access was via an alleyway, as I got closer the graffiti got bolder under I rounded the corner and saw that the building was not abandoned at all… in fact a roaring lunch time trade was in progress – judging by several cars parked on the gravel below the blacked out windows… it’s actually ‘Penthouse Massage Parlour’…  Not sure of the history of this building but I am guessing it’s had a pretty colourful past, and now I know why I got some strange looks when I walked down that alleyway! 135forgottenNZ 076

forgottenNZ 075

forgottenNZ 072



18 thoughts on “Awkward Discovery..

    1. Your blog is great! I’m new to blogging and was hoping you could kindly visit my blog and comment on or like anything you found interesting?


  1. Awkward indeed — but a funny story. (I’m glad you didn’t stumble upon anything dangerous or violent.)

    I love the pictures. Not sure I’ll ever get to visit NZ, so I’m glad to get this unusual look at places around Auckland.

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