Inside Vandalised House

Located in the midst of overgrown vines is a forgotten two storey house which once would have served as a substantial family home with a pool, it’s now abandoned and overgrown resting on a large property in West Auckland. Previous offers for sale of the property have been allegedly declined by the local owner so the house remains in a decaying state and has been a target for vandalism, but it is possible to imagine this sunny property in it’s peak…forgottenNZ 063 forgottenNZ 057 forgottenNZ 038 forgottenNZ 041 forgottenNZ 043 forgottenNZ 048 forgottenNZ 045

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24 thoughts on “Inside Vandalised House

  1. Does anyone know the story behind this house? Why is it abandoned?
    This place is just down the road from me, we cannot work out why this beautiful place is like this when we have a shortage of over 4,000 homes in Auckland. I would be interested in basing this on an assignment for uni, however I can’t seem to find any information ?


  2. I live on Golf Rd, why don’t I remember seeing this property ever? It is down a driveway or something? Is it even on Golf Rd?


  3. Gold road alot of memories collecting golf balls and selling them to the man at this place 10cents each. I lived around the corner I cant believe its turned out this way. Such a nice street actually the best house on the street I thought. If only I could buy it 😒


  4. I remember walking past this place while i went to BHB intermediate in the 90s , such an awesome looking house (and the one next to it) I only just noticed the state it was in the other day when i drove past it and saw all the tags and smashed windows. I couldn’t really beleave it , such a waste.
    Do you know how long its been like this? must have been around 2008 onwards cos i used to walk around the area a lot and i think it was still lived in then.
    Anyways thanks for the pics and info on it, i was very curious about it and glad i came across this page.

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    1. I used to dream about this house when I would drive past a few years ago, I only noticed the vandalism in the last year but it does make me wonder how long it was empty for! Such a shame as it seems to have been admired by many and now it will need to be torn down (probably for town houses)… I agree the one next to it is amazing too, it looks HUGE!


  5. get enough people together and you get an army of people to persuade the owner to pass on the responsibilty to rebuild back to its prime…..setup a charitable trust or something


      1. Oh, I bet! I would very much enjoy sitting at that window and looking outside and nature or reading a good book. It’s sad that places like this become abandoned. I find it crazy that the owner won’t sell and would rather see the place deteriorate. It is a beautiful home and would be a great place to raise a family, if only someone could restore it.


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