Abandoned Carpark

forgottenNZ 056When I visited this abandoned building on Wolfe Street, Auckland it was a sunny day, but there were puddles and leaks, homeless inhabiting the top stories meant that I didn’t want to investigate what kind of liquid was raining from the ceilings. Now that the windows have been painted grey the place looks slightly more respectable, however it didn’t fool anyone for long with the tagging already appearing again, giving away the empty state of the upper levels.  The lower levels are still operational as a car park looking almost appealing with new signs but inside it’s dirty with rubbish piled up in the old elevator shaft and graffiti inside the doors and broken walls…

forgottenNZ 058Another casualty of urban decay in Auckland, this blackened building and car park looks out onto an interesting neighbour (click for link).

forgottenNZ 057

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18 thoughts on “Abandoned Carpark

  1. I went here on the monday 23rd 2017, and i went with some mates and my girlfriend we are all 13-14 years old and there was a hole in the fence that we could climb through, there was a homeless man sleeping but we didnt give him any trouble we just gave him a bottle of pepsi and left hum alone, DONT GO HERE, me and my girlfriend were walking up just us to with a flashlight and we were on the 3rd floor and she walked into a back roam and saw a homeless guy that were warned about cause he carrys a mashete ** and hes in drugs, there is about 3 people in the building and they are all on drugs and dangerous we had to run out cause he was chasing us DO NOT GO THERE UNLESS YOUR ARMED AND CRAZY HAHA


  2. NO i was there on saturday the 24th 2016 and it is all destroyed there is no car park left in it and its is no longer really a carpark. There is a small gap at the corner that you could get in under the fence but I’m 13 so i was only just able to fit so good luck. I didn’t want to explore too much because i didn’t know what was in there.


  3. Just a newbie here, I’m just interested in this sort of thing, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for ‘discovering’ or at least finding places like these. It seems to me that there would be quite a few around Auckland, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of anywhere specific.


  4. I think it was in this building around 1969-70 that I met “Bill”, shuffling around in an industrial din of noise on one of the upper floors. He was the wiz who coordinated the various Wilson & Horton Flexowriters which were bought from the local Friden agency where I worked in sales. I met him again in the same building around 1976 when my then company installed MICR cheque encoding equipment for our Databank contract.

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  5. I live really close to this building so walk past it all the time! I noticed too that there is always leaks and puddles coming from the building even on sunny days and wonder what it is haha. I do like walking past this building though, it’s intriguing! Do you know what the building is across from here? I think it’s 6 Wolfe St and it’s next to a café. It also looks abandoned and there’s lots of graffiti! Anyways, I love your blog! :-)

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  6. you can still enter through the lift shaft at the bottom of the carpark, it gets boarded up and busted down often.the lift shaft climb is approximately 2 and a half storys high. Once inside the upstairs part you are welcomed with a room full of darkness which has been completely trashed and graffitied, also another 6 stories of ruin and graffiti, there is also access to the roof. -Jacob (urban explorer)

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