Abandoned Hotel

Old hotel site in Greenlane, Auckland, has been abandoned after locals opposed the development of the hotel and an apartment complex.  Some international websites still have this hotel and bar listed with dated photos even though it has been empty for years and is now covered in graffiti…forgottennz forgottenNZ 022 forgottenNZ 042


13 thoughts on “Abandoned Hotel

  1. Wow!!! this is amazing ….i lived in Auckland from 1991 to 1997 and visit quite frequently now (as i have many friends there) and i remember a lot of these places in their heyday!! this used to be a Quality hotel and i remember having dinner there at Logans. And i vaguely remember staying there for a conference in the late 1980s

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      1. Indeed it was – and the French couple in our tour group were wonderful about the game and enjoyed the party too – they even let us stay in thier Paris apartment a couple of months later :-)

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