Inside Abandoned Office Building

In the heart of the Auckland CBD lies this forgotten commercial brick building built back in 1910. The lower windows of the garage are boarded up, most other windows in the upper office space are smashed or claimed by taggers…The floors inside are dangerous, rotting and covered in pigeon shit… this place paints a creepy picture and is a far cry from the office it once was!


Photo – Anonymous

Photographer - Anonymous

Photo – Anonymous

Photographer - Anonymous

Photo – Anonymous

forgottenNZ 057

forgottenNZ 014

If you’ve wandered past this place once or twice then you must have also seen the abandoned carpark building next door!

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19 thoughts on “Inside Abandoned Office Building

  1. Hey I was in there about a day ago if you go asap a car named the door and there is now a way to get in but idk if it will be there for long as the council will come and fix up the gap its pretty cool just watch out for rotten floor boards as u can fall as someone I met knows some one who did and broke his back. AND WATCH OUT FOR POLICE THEY COME ON WOLF STREET ALL THE TIME.


  2. hi, i’m interested in exploring this place! do you know how you can enter this place? when I’ve been past there is only this “open” window area, but its pretty high up… is there some entrance?


  3. I love things like this! It’s sad that these places get abandoned, but we can’t change it. I just find the beauty in what’s left and enjoy the mystery. I’ve got a piece I plan to work on soon that you would probably be interested in. Keep an eye on my blog for it!

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