Forgotten Cottage

This lonely kauri cottage with picturesque stained glass windows is shaded by the Regent, which might explain why it feels so cold and uninviting.  Even in early pictures of the surrounding area this forgotten homestead looks to be neglected with overgrown lawns and peeling paint, and gradually decaying more in each year.  The house is located in Helensville, Auckland, the name reportedly came from a larger home built on the hill called Helen’s Villa which is now protected and restored.  Areas nearby to this small house have been renovated but no one has touched this site in a long time…forgottenNZ 066forgottenNZ 069forgottenNZ 068


21 thoughts on “Forgotten Cottage

  1. I often walk past this cottage and wonder at who lived here and picture it all done up on another site. What a shame is has been left to go to ruins. I bet it has a wonderful story to tell :-)

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