Abandoned Factory

The Kaipara Dairy Company opened in 1911 and used to be Helensville’s largest employer until it closed its doors in the late 80’s.   The large abandoned site is now heavily guarded with tall electric fencing and warning signs… looking through the wire you can catch a glimpse of the graffiti covering the walls of the factory and warehouse sitting next to the train tracks.forgottenNZ 050forgottenNZ 044forgottenNZ 057

forgottenNZ 051


8 thoughts on “Abandoned Factory

  1. If I wanted to explore this place for a youtube channel then who will i need to ask ( To be on the safe side ) and how do I gain access to the property with permission from the owner.


  2. the graffiti on the brick wall of the kaipara dairy factory is a memorial for 2 teenagers from the area that were killed in a car crash….so cool to see this in your page

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      1. The company went bankrupt in the mid 80s they were sucked in to investing in an edible oil refinery by a Paraguay conman who left a chain of failed businesses and debts across the world 2 in Aussie ad well as this one in nz. Met the guy once and wouldn’t buy a used car from him…
        Bought a lot of the left over stocks of packaging from the receiver and visited the closed down operation at that time 87 or 88.


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