Abandoned Apartments

A meeting was held earlier this week regarding the demolition of 16 apartments in Mt Albert, riddled with asbestos. The abandoned apartments will be demolished to make way for high density housing.  Every door and window on each dwelling has been boarded up to restrict access, resulting in some of the units being targeted by vandals taking the opportunity to decorate the clean slates that the newly installed plywood has provided.  It is a strange sight to see modern housing abandoned but understandable given the dangers of living in a contaminated environment…forgottenNZ 008forgottenNZ 009forgottenNZ 011


2 thoughts on “Abandoned Apartments

  1. I used to live not too far from these units, walked passed them every day to catch the bus. I suspect they will build multi-stack apartments (if/when zoning allows) as its right between the rails and the 21x route into town. Pity though… multi-stack there will destroy the rest of the surrounding character

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    1. That’s a good point about public transport access. I talked to a neighbour who expressed concerns with the possibility of the huge shadows that will affect the nearby homes with the multi-stack concept, and I do feel sorry for the neighbours if that does happen.


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