Abandoned Church

This now abandoned building known as ‘Ponsonby Baptist Church’, the ‘United Church of Tonga’, ‘Carlile House’ and ‘The Costley Training Institution for Orphans’,  was built in 1886. Just looking at the building can give a passerby chills, and to add to the mysterious vibes around the building, a source states that a tragic fire in 1912 killed 43 boys here in a fatal accident.  A handmade sign fixed to the door pleads with vandals to have respect for the building and sets a stern reminder that the building is on private property and owned by the church.  The windows have been boarded up so it is impossible to see much inside when walking about the large property.  From the signs of internal graffiti, some people have forged a way in despite the dangers, and some reportedly catch a glimpse of the ghosts of the boys in the windows when looking from the street…

forgottenNZ 008forgottenNZ 004


17 thoughts on “Abandoned Church

  1. For anyone going to this church to explore its history don’t just jump the fence and onto the property, make sure to go ask for permission to enter the property first because when I jumped the fence there was an agresive guy with a basketball bat that started threatening me.


  2. the comment by COOL is correct, don’t go in as a dangerous gang is connected to the church and they don’t like trespassers.


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