Abandoned Brick Church

This solemn abandoned brick church in Auckland is guarded by some rusty sunburst design metal gates in the art deco style of the time. Inside, the rounded door frames look into the dark and unused main hall. Out the back there is a bunch of old furniture piled up under the awning. Classified as a dangerous building by Auckland Council and marked as earthquake prone, the church is “likely to cause injury or death by collapse or otherwise”.  The owner has been forbidden from hosting further assemblies in the church until such time as the building is proven safe… Last inspection of this property was in April 2012, no sign of restoration or access can be seen since then…




7 thoughts on “Abandoned Brick Church

  1. Went there today. Was amazing. We jumped the fence and went round the back. There is a smashed open window that you can climb through to get in.


  2. This was in the Western leader a little while ago, it seems that the owner lives in Hong Kong or somthing and has ran out of money continue restoring it.
    The tree growing next to it has disrupted the foundations of the building which is causing it to become unstable, one side of the church walls has collapsed and theirs a pile of bricks still on the lawn.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, I didn’t see the article in the paper! I did notice the wooden shelter round the back collapsed after that big storm, there are some new tall posts around it too, like maybe they are going to build a fence around by the brick house next door but that hasn’t happened yet, it’s just sitting there in a mess.


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