Old New Lynn Hotel


New Lynn Hotel 1910 via Local History Online

This old hotel once stood pride of place on one of West Auckland’s busiest main streets, Great North Road. With many rooms upstairs and a bar, you can bet it had more than a few secrets. Attempts of alleged arson were made in the past causing severe structural damage to the inside of the huge concrete building. Auckland Council attempted a restoration project a few years ago, which was eventually abandoned once more in-depth testing on the buildings suitability for repair were completed.  The controversial building was seen as an eyesore to some, and of historic value to others.  Back in the day horse and carts would stop outside the hotel… and now there is a childcare facility in it’s place.forgottenNZ1Old New Lynn Hotel via Forgotten NZAbandoned Hotel NZ via Forgotten NZ Abandoned Auckland Hotel via Forgotten NZ

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