Zombie House

One of the more notorious abandoned houses, this is located in Lynfield, Auckland.  Some locals call it the zombie house… some say that the family who lived here were murdered, but maybe that’s just a school yard tale… The Turret House is protected as a Catergory B Historic Building under the NZ Historic Places Trust.

Update November 2014: Offers from buyers on the open market have been refused by the owner – Aljijaz Trust, who refuses to comment on accusations of “demolition by neglect”,  (the property was purchased in 2000 and the trust has done no maintenance over that period which has caused it to be marked as condemned by Auckland Council this year).

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10 thoughts on “Zombie House

  1. Have just been and taken some photos of this house, and defiantly felt like we were being watched from the top window, I’ve got photos of the curtain blowing out of one of them… and it wasn’t a very windy day… I’m super keen to go and investigate the other places on here

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      1. Hi my name is allan cuckow but people call me izeak is this house still empty? I have a youtube channel called abandoned new zealand..I do the obvious but I also do ghost hunts I’m looking for locations to view if you know of any I could I’d be most grateful you can email me at abandonednewzealand066@gmail.com


    1. After alot of research and even getting a paranormal team in i can say this beautiful house has alot of history and it isn’t pretty there are 2 spirts left in house i am going to research more but as a result i have put my name forward to buy her

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